The Long Distance Ski Championship


Ski Classics is operated by the company SC Long Distance Skiing AB, owned by W sportsmedia, Vasaloppet and Birkebeinerrennet.

Ski Classics was created in cooperation between W sportsmedia, the athletes and the events representatives in order to enhance the world of long distance skiing. Ski Classics is unique by having Pro Teams and Amateurs as well and men and women on the same start line. The long distance skiing events still symbolize the strong traditions and classical settings that cross country skiing used to be all about, from a combined mass start where several thousand of skiers break the start line together to the drama of head to head between skiers as the finish line approaches. 

Ski Classics intially began in 2007 with distribution of the Swedish race, Vasaloppet, outside of Sweden. Vasaloppet is a TV institution and part of the folklore in Sweden and the next step in order to grow further was to internationalize the TV product outside of Sweden to potentially reach new audiences and markets. Since the TV market asked for a series of events in order to be able to work with partners and audiences over time, the market was approached to understand the potential to uplift additional long distance cross country skiing events as part of an international TV-product.

Ski Classics as a tour was launched in front of the 2011 ski season, combining the most traditional long distance cross country skiing events in Europe into a TV product. 2018 the series consists of 11 events, from the Prologue raced as a Pro Team Tempo to the Ski Classics Final, rounding up the season and hosting the season review prize ceremony. The Ski Classics final will 2018 be held in Levi, Finland. The long distance ski races are unique winter sport events combining professional and amateur skiers through picturesque landscapes across Europe.

Ski Classics consist of 5 competitions within each event, the yellow champion bib, the green sprint bib, the pink youth bib, the squared patterned climb bib and the Pro Team competition.

Ski Classics Event Winners

Last Name First Name SC Victories
Boner Seraina 15
Johansson Norgren Britta 14
Smutna Kateřiná 10
Gjerdalen Tord Asle 10
Eliassen Petter 9
Aukland Anders 9
Nygaard Andreas 6
Dahl John Kristian 5
Kowalczyk Justyna 5
Aukland Jørgen 4
Ahrlin Jerry 3
Brink Jörgen 3
Nyström Susanne 3
Řezáč Stanislav 3
Eide Pedersen Morten 3
Hansson Sandra 2
Kveli Laila 2
Kjølstad Johan 2
Chernousov Ilya 2
Ishida Masako 2
Hansson Jenny 1
Johaug Therese 1
Kalla Charlotte 1
Johnsrud Sundby Martin 1
Rotcheva Olga 1
Pettersen Øystein 1
Richardsson Daniel 1
Shevchenko Valentina 1
Skofterud Vibeke 1
Svendsen Sara 1
Tikhonova Julia 1
Tynell Rikard 1
Østensen Simen 1
Korsgren Lina 1
Øyre Slind Astrid 1

Ski Classics Legends 

In order to become a Ski Classics Legend, a skier need to win 5 individual events, also wins in events that have been part of Ski Classics before the tour was created counts. (Prologue does not count)

Last Name First Name  SC wins
Aukland Anders 16
Boner Seraina 15
Stanislav 14
Johansson Norgren Britta 14
Smutna Katerina 10
Gjerdalen Tord Asle 10
Eliassen Petter 9
Aukland Jørgen
Grip Jenny 7
Svärd Oskar 7
Ahrlin Jerry 6
Nygaard Andreas 6
Dahl John Kristian 5
Hansson Sandra 5
Tynell Daniel 5
Kowalczyk Justyna 5