The Long Distance Ski Championship

Ski Classics more and more popular among broadcasters across Europe!

The long distance ski championships across Europe, Ski Classics, continuously increase the number of broadcasters in Europe.

The interest in long distance skiing used to be limited to Swedish and later Norwegian audiences. Since the launch of the new concept Ski Classics in the fall of 2010, the interest in the races has increased significantly. The last two events of the premier season of Ski Classics, Birkebeinerrennet 19th of March and Ski Classics Final on April 2nd, will now be broadcasted live by television stations in seven countries across Europe. We are very pleased in the first season´s distribution of Ski Classics, it is well over expectations and indicates the great potential for the series!” says David Nilsson Executive Director of Ski Classics.

The Ski Classics events are also being broadcasted as highlights in the IEC weekly magazine show World Wide Sports distributed in various territories globally.  In addition it is possible to watch the  Ski Classics events live and follow live standings at the “Ski Classics LIVE CENTER” worldwide outside the territories where TV stations has bought the live media rights.

“ Negotiations with several additional stations for next season has already begun, as well as with potential title sponsor partners, the one selected will be presented well before the Ski Classics 2012 season, and we still only believe this as the beginning for Ski Classics!” says Nils Marius Otterstad, Marketing Director Ski Classics.

TV broadcasters for Ski Classics 2011
Italy             - RAI
France          - Sport+
Sweden         - SVT
Norway         - NRK
Norway         - TV2
Finland          - MTV3
Denmark       - TV2 Sport
Czech Rep.    - Czech TV
Lithuania        - Sport 1

Information and current standings at:

Ski Classics 2011
Ski Classics Event 1 - Jizerska Padesatka              Czech Republic               9 January 2011
Ski Classics Event 2 – Marcialonga                        Italy                             30 January 2011
Ski Classics Event 3 - König Ludwig Lauf                Germany                       6 February 2011
Ski Classics Event 4 - Vasaloppet                          Sweden                         6 March 2011
Ski Classics Event 5 - Birkebeinerrennet                 Norway                         19 March 2011
Ski Classics Final     - Norefjellrennet                    Norway                         2 April 2011 

Standings after Vasaloppet
Ski Classics Champion

1 Stanislav Rezac PDT 315p 2 Jerry Ahrlin XTR 293p 3 Oskar Svärd EXS 291p 4 Anders Aukland XTR 211p 5 Jörgen Brink TUB 135p
1 Seraina Boner ENG 300p 2 Susanne Nyström EXS 290p 3 Sandra Hansson TUB 250p 3 Jenny Hansson EXS 250p 5 Nina Lintzén KAR 130p

Ski Classics Sprint
1 Oskar Svärd EXS 31p 2 Jerry Ahrlin XTR 23p 3 Anders Aukland TUB 21p 4 Stanislav Rezac PDT 15p 5 Audun Laugaland TUB 7p

Ski Classics Team
1 Team Exspirit 712p 2 Team Xtra Personell 663p 3 Team United Bakeries 488p 4 Engadin Skimarathon Team 350p 5 Team Patria Direct 315p

Ski Classics Youth
1 Marten Eide Pedersen BIR 4p 2 Lars Ljung HEL 3p 3 Marcus Johansson ULR 2p Women
1 Laila Kveli XTR 80p 2 Berit Gjelten NTU 10p