The Long Distance Ski Championship

Team BN Bank

Pro Team Ranking: 
Pro Team Points: 
2 521
Pro Team Name: 
Team BN Bank
Pro Team Nationality: 
Pro Team Director Name: 
Sigurd Granmark
Pro Team Director Mobile Number: 
+47 99211704
About the Pro Team: 
Team BN Bank is a new team, but with experienced athletes. This is our first season, but still we are extremely ambitius. We are here to win as many races as possible this season. In the long run we will be the best and most known cross- country team in the Ski Classics. VISION ”Best in the long run” (BN Bank vision) GOALS CREATE A WINNING CULTURE 1) To win every race we participate in 2) DOMINATE MEDIA Team BN Bank shall be the most visible and likeable team in the cross country industry . 3) DEVELOP / CHANGE THE SPONSORSHIP INDUSTRY We will add more value to our partners and the sport than any other team (ragardless of sports). VALUES 1) CAUSE Sport or non sport related, we shall always seek to be the cause and not the consequence. 2) PURPOSE Isolated winning is not important, but winning will allow us to help others, and that creates purpose in winning. 3) FUN ”If we can`t make it fun, we can`t make it done” ARENA Our goal is to participate in all Ski Classics events and contribute to further development of Ski Classics.