The Long Distance Ski Championship

Engadin Skimarathon

"Season IX will for the first time include Engadin Skimarathon, it is also the first time the tour includes an event in free technique! The race is also the world´s second largest race overall. The 2018 edition sold out its over 14000 start bibs over a month prior the event.

The course:
Starts in Maloja close to the Italian border and goes downhill through the Engadin valley. The 42km course is quite flat and will most probably open up for an exciting mass sprint finish, however strong winds as well as the high altitude may be a difficult factor for the skiers. There are two Visma Ski Classics sprints before finishing in S-chanf.

The Engadin Skimarathon is a new addition in Visma Ski Classics for Season 2018/19. It's not only the most well-known sporting event in the country, but also a beloved meeting point for the world’s elite. The “Engadiner” is the largest cross-country skiing activity in Switzerland and the second largest worldwide. Furthermore the Engadin Skimarathon is member of World Loppet. Since the first holding in 1969, the international resonance and renown of the event have grown strongly. In 1976, the number of participants breached the ten thousands for the first time. Since then, the number of participants has rounded to 13,000 people per year from roughly 60 different countries.



Facts About Engadin Skimarathon

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Engadin Skimarathon

Sunday March 10th 2019
42km Free Technique
Maloja-S-chanf Switzerland

Start Time
Women 0815 CET
Men 0830 CET

Visma Ski Classics Sprints
15km St. Moritz
33km La Punt Chamues-CH

Record number of participants
13 000

Results 2017/18 (not part of Visma Ski Classics)

1. Roman Furger SUI 1:34:05
2. Martin Collet FRA 1:34:06
3. Louis Schwartz FRA 1:34:06

1. Nadine Fähndrich SUI 1:38:35
2. Rahel Imoberdorf SUI 1:39:56
3. Chelsea Holmes USA 1:41:27