The Long Distance Ski Championship

La Diagonela

La Diagonela is a popular, international sporting event which takes place every year. A classic cross-country race for everyone, which is aiming for a total of 5’000 skiers within its first five years. La Diagonela is positioning itself amongst the major and proven international cross-country ski races, and is also promoting the revival of the classic cross-country skiing technique here in Central Europe. The organizer’s aim is to offer the participants a special skiing experience in a natural and unique winter environment.

The fourth La Diagonela will take place for the first time on the original track from Zuoz to Celerina, via the so-called “dream slope” to St. Moritz including the passage over the frozen Lake St. Moritz, continuing through the Stazerwald to the Val Roseg and Pontresina and finally back to Zuoz. This is equivalent to 65 Km of superb cross-country skiing in the classic style. This is Engadine winter as its best and this is La Diagonela. The more relaxed version of the race is called LA PACHIFICA and comprises 35 Km with its start in Pontresina. The track offers everything a cross-country skier could wish for; it will satisfy top athletes and sport enthusiasts alike. An unforgettable winter sports event amid unspoiled scenery of unparalleled beauty is guaranteed. The finish in the historic centre of Zuoz will underline the uniqueness of the race. The patrician Zuoz houses will provide the atmospheric backdrop to this event which will turn the village centre into a cauldron of emotion and enthusiasm.

The revival of the classic cross-country technique is also central to the idea of La Diagonela. This holistic, harmonious, gentle, natural and easy kind of movement represents a very powerful trend and demonstrates the unrivalled competence for sporting events of the Engadine. The following personalities will be acting as main ambassadors, supporting La Diagonela with their far-reaching international network in sports, sports politics and business: the Norwegian Guri Hetland, a successful former trainer of the Swiss cross-country national team; Gian Gilli, organiser of sporting events such as the Ski World Championship 2003 in St. Moritz and the Ice Hockey World Championships 2009 in Berne and as the Executive Head of Swiss Olympics for three Olympic Games; Andy Grünenfelder, the Engadine cross-country legend and 1988 Olympic Bronze Medal winner in Calgary.

“The January Madness part, with events every weekend, in Season IX moves to Switzerland and the marvellous Engadine valley for La Diagonela. The event has become a well-known stop in the tour, attracting more and more recreational skiers as well, with the start in Zuoz then winding through almost the whole Engadine valley passing beautiful villages such as La Punt, Bever, Samedan, Celerina before reaching the climb and sprint close to St Moritz. Then continuing via Val Roseg to Pontresina and back to Zuoz for the now famous finish line on the old main square. The event is the second leg in the Visma Alp Trophy competition.”



Facts About La Diagonela

Live Center 2018/19

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La Diagonela

Saturday January 19th 2019
65km Classic Technique
Zuoz Switzerland

Start Time
Women CET 09.20
Men CET 09.30

Visma Ski Classics Sprint
16km Samedan

Visma Ski Classics Climb
20km Lej Da Staz

Results 2017/18

1. Tord Asle Gjerdalen SAN 02:57:29
2. Ilya Chernousov BST 02:57:36 
3. Anders Aukland SAN 02:57:40

1. Britta Johansson Norgren LAG 03:26:53 
2. Lina Korsgren ARE 03:27:31
3. Katerina Smutna BST 03:27:47