The Long Distance Ski Championship


“Pure Arctic Madness is the motto of this far northern event, held above the arctic circle in the Norwegian provinces of Bardu and Målselv. The race is Season IX, part of the tour for the third time, and is becoming well known for its amazing mountainous nature but also for the steep and demanding uphill to the climb of Orta, making even super strong skiers put gripwax under the skis. The event is also the 3rd stage in the Visma Nordic Trophy competition. Wintertime this arctic area shows off spectacular Aurora Borealis, summertime the midnight sun always shines. Reistadløpet is an event worth a complete journey, and it´s participants will for sure return time after time!” 

The CC ski race «Reistadløpet» is one of the ski races in Norway richest in traditions. It was arranged for the first time in 1958 and has since then been organized 56 times. One person has participated in this race 53 times and two people 50 times.

The tracks are 50 and 36 kilometers long and runs through forests and across mountains between the starting point at Setermoen in the municipality of Bardu and the finish line at Bardufoss in the municipality of Målselv. The race is in classic style.

The Reistadløpet is an event where three different sports-clubs in the area cooperate together with the Army.

The idea behind the race was to commemorate Colonel Ole Reistad. He was a great skier and an athlete, a Norwegian champion in pentathlon in 1922 and the leader of the ski patrol who won the Olympic championships in St. Moritz in 1928. In 1940 he was the head of the squadron at Bardufoss. Later during WWII we find him in Canada educating and training the Norwegian pilots. In 1945 he is back at Bardufoss as the head of the air defence in Northern Norway. Sports and outdoor life were important ingredients in his life and he contributed greatly to the cooperation between the civilian and the military societies.

So put on your skis to participate in a race so rich in history and interspersed with friendly rivalry between participants in magnificent arctic surroundings.



Facts About Reistadløpet!

Live Center 2018/19

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Saturday April 6th 2019
50km Classic Technique
Setermoen-Bardufoss Norway

Start Time
Women 1000 CET
Men 1030 CET

Visma Ski Classics Sprint
10km Storlømyra

Visma Ski Classics Climbs
18km Orta
36km Øverlitjønna

Record number of participants

Results 2017/18

1. Tord Asle Gjerdalen SAN 2:10:58
2. Chris Andre Jespersen KOT 2:12:32
3. Anders Aukland SAN 2:13:04

1. Masako Ishida KOT 2:31:55
2. Justyna Kowalczyk ROB 2:32:07
3. Astrid Øyre Slind KOT 2:34:08