The Long Distance Ski Championship


The 90km Vasaloppet, the most classical long distance cross-country ski race in the world, is held annually, on the first Sunday in March, in the beautiful and historically important region of Dalarna in Sweden.

The race was started in 1922 and is inspired by the run that the future King Gustav Vasa made in 1520 to get away of the invading king of Denmark. Gustav Vasa, fearing for his life and discovery by the Danish troops, spoke to an assembly of men in Mora, aiming to convince them to raise a levy and start a rebellion against king Christian of Denmark. The men did not want to fight for those reasons so on his ski’s, Gustav Vasa started to make his way towards Norway, to find refuge there, when two Mora brothers on ski’s caught up with him in Sälen. The men in Mora had changed their minds after hearing that the Danish rulers had decided to raise taxes, and they now wanted Gustav to lead the rebellion.On the 6th of June 1523, Gustav Vasa was crowned king of Sweden, having beaten the Danish king Christian. Sweden has been fully independent ever since.

Vasaloppet is the oldest, the longest, and also considered the biggest cross-country ski race in the world. In the 80th race, held on 7 March 2004, some 15,500 skiers competed in the main event. The course starts in Sälen where Gustav Vasa was caught by the brothers and passes through beautiful taiga forests, villages, marsh lands and lakes before finishing 90km away in the picturesque city of Mora.



Facts About Vasaloppet

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Sunday March 4th 2018
90km Classic Technique
Sälen Mora Sweden

Start Time 
Men and Women CET 08.00

Visma Ski Classics Sprints 
24km Mångsbodarna
47km Evertsberg

Record number of participants
16 150

2017 Results

1. John Kristian Dahl TUB 03.57:18
2. Andreas Nygaard SAN 03.57:18
3. Stian Hoelgaard LEA 03.57:18

1. Britta Johansson Norgren LAG 04.19:43
2. Astrid Øyre Slind TUB 04.21:21
3. Sara Lindborg SER 04.28:47