The Long Distance Ski Championship

Drive to the start at the speed of HERTZ!

As Visma Ski Classics heads to Scandinavia for the last five events of this winter´s season VII, you can now drive to the events with a 10% discount from Hertz rental cars! The discount is available when booking your rental car at Hertz Sweden webpage and is available in all the Scandinavian countries.

To access the offer:
1. Go to 
2. When making your reservation, type in the CDP nr: 844867 
3. Drive to the event at the speed of HERTZ!

The website is available in Swedish and English
Offer is only accessible through

Hertz is a main partner to Visma Ski Classics and presenter of the Champion competition, in which the pro skiers collect points throughout the season. In the final event Ylläs-Levi the 8th of April, the strongest male and female athletes with most collected points will be handed the prestigious champion statuette. 

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