The Long Distance Ski Championship



(Hello from South America)
By: Leandro Lutz
The end of winter and early spring is approaching and for the second consecutive year we have Cross Country Ski FIS races taking place in Bariloche/Argentina.Bariloche is located in the Rio Negro region, in the heart of Argentinian Patagonia and 1650km from the capital Buenos Aires.
Famous for its chocolates and barbecues, it enchants both Argentinian and foreign tourists and has one of the best structures in South America for Nordic Skiing, Alpine Skiing and Snowboarding at Cerro Catedral, which is only 20km from the city center.
In recent years, Bariloche has excelled in the Nordic Skiing scenario and again is here organized the Argentine and Brazilian Championships.
The competitions will be held between 08 and 12 of September and are part of the South American Cross Country Ski Championship.
Both male and female athletes from several South American countries, including Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, as well as overseas athletes from Germany and Thailand face each other in the next few days and seek the title of South American champion in their respective races and categories.
On day 08 of September the 10km FT event (men) and 5km FT (woman and juniors) will take place. Day 09 Sprint FT event (for all categories). Day 10 is a rest day and on days 11 and 12 there are 10km CL (men) and 5km CL (women and juniors) and 10km FT (men) and 5km FT (women and juniors), respectively.
Although the weather conditions are not ideal, the weather forecast predicts snow for the next few days and good conditions for the race period.
Besides Bariloche, South America has other places with good conditions for the practice of Nordic Skiing, among them Ushuaia, also in Argentina and counting with the most southern tracks of the Planet and Portillo and Termas de Chillán, both in Chile, which allows athletes and lovers of nordic skiing to have two winter seasons (austral and boreal). Besides, we also have several rollerski races in Brazil, which gives us competitions practically all year round (austral season, rollerski season and boreal season).
Although South America is an "exotic" place for Nordic Skiing, winter tourism is growing and we have a good infrastructure of hotels, inns, restaurants, shops and a good transport network.
For those who enjoy good food after skiing, Bariloche is the paradise of meats and good wines in South America. From renowned restaurants, to typical restaurants, to visits to wineries and cattle ranches, where you can taste the typical Argentine products.
For those who like sweets, countless patisseries, chocolatiers and ice cream shops surround the main street of Bariloche, with delicious pies and coffees, chocolates and creamy ice cream.
That is, Bariloche and South America are rich in snow experiences. They perfectly combine winter sports and tourism.
Come and experience South America!
Leandro Lutz