The Long Distance Ski Championship

If we can’t make it fun - we can’t get it done!

TEAM BN BANK (Ranking 4)

Written by: Teemu Virtanen

BN Bank is a small but extremely tough team. They are in for the kill and kill
they shall. But in midst of their battle, they never lose sight of the most
important thing; having fun! They take their business seriously,
but they always give us a wink and have a couple of
wisecracks in their pockets.

The team’s “energizer bunny” Øystein Pettersen is well equipped to
crack jokes at press conferences and off-the-track, but he also possesses the capacity to be on the top; nine times in the top 6
individually since 2014 (4 times on the podium, one victory in La Diagonela in

Morten Eide Pedersen has an even more
impressive resume as he has 13 top 6 places of which six on the podium and two
wins (Jizerska50 in 2015 & 2017). The third
musketeers in the troop is Simen Østensen who has 10 top 6 places; four
times on the podium and one victory in Marcialonga in 2014.

The fourth sword master in this upbeat motley crew has not been
on the podium, but he can beat Øystein and his teammates in the joke
department. The comedy king and a famous Norwegian stand-up comedian Nils Ingar
Aadne performed amazingly well last season by being in the top 60 in four
races, Reistadløpet’s 46th place as his best result.

This team will definitely provoke the top three teams to fight
harder, but without a lady in the house they will find it really hard to be on
the podium in the team competition. They will be there in individual races, and
they are truly challenging the status quo of the sport in every aspect. One
being the comedy, and perhaps we should give them the stage at the
season-ending gala and let them entertain us.