The Long Distance Ski Championship


The Visma Ski Classics competition in Seefeld in Tirol, Austria. taking place this coming Sunday, 7th of February. The race is now named "Kaiser Maximilian Lauf". Since alot of recreational skiers are already in the area the organization has decided to create an event also for amateur skiers! 

The premier edition of Kaiser Maximilian Lauf will be held has an open class with very limited service at start and along the track, no service for taking care of warm up clothes etc. The track goes partly on the Seefeld Olympics track from 1964 and 1974, where in 1964 Sixten Jernberg from Sweden was the big star winning the 50km race. The event for amateur skiers will this first year be 20km long in classics technique and start is at CET 1200 on Sunday so that the skiers can first follow the Pro Team Race which has Elite start CET 0800 for women and CET 0820 for elite men. 

Take the possibility to be part in the first ever Kaiser Maximilian Lauf!

Registrations open Wednesday CET 0800 and closes Friday at midnight. It is limited to 500 start places, cost is Eur 50 per registration.

Registration link will be published Tuesday evening at: