The Long Distance Ski Championship

Last races of the season in South America!

Written by: Leandro Lutz

And another Nordic ski season comes to an end in South America.
The last days were very intense and profitable, 4 races in 5 days (between 08 and 12/09).
The Andino Club of Bariloche (CAB) is to be congratulated by the organization and also to maintain good snow conditions for the races.

The quality of the snow was deteriorating by the heat during the day and it suffered a lot of change when the sun reached the tracks, that is, cold snow early morning and changing rapidly during the first hours of sun.

Day 1 (08/08) we had the first of the 4 races of the South American Nordic Skiing Championship. For men 10km FT, for women and juniors 5km FT. The start was from 9:45 am.

8:30 the lift opened for the athletes to reach the tracks (in Cerro Cathedral in Bariloche/ARG the XC tracks are accessed by the lift Amancay and is located around 1750m above sea level).

The day was beautiful, with sun and blue sky, which gave us a quick change in the conditions of the track, from the warm up and ski test until the end of the race. 

To get an idea, before ski test the temperature was -5°C and at the end of the men's race it was already at -2 ° C, in just over 60 minutes. For the women who left last, the condition was already much warmer.

The race was very hard, with the 2.5km circuit being demanding, lots of climbing, fast descents and 180° turns and little chance for rest.

The champions were Jonathan Jesus/CHI in the Men, Cecilia Dominguez/ARG in the Women and Franco Dal Farra/ARG in the Junior.

The next day (09/08) we had the Sprint FT event on a 1.4km circuit, with conditions of sun, heat and hot snow.The races were divided into qualifying, semi final (4 athletes) and final (4 athletes). The champion of the Men was Matias Zuloaga/ARG and of the Women Cecilia Dominguez/ARG.

On 10/09 we had the official training day for the classic event. Weather conditions continued to heat up and the amount of snow decreasing every day. The kick conditions proved to be quite variable, with Zero and Klister skis basically being tested.

The weather forecast for the 11/09 race was quite similar to that of 10/09, so most likely the job of choosing the correct wax for the kick would be easier. On 11/09 we had the Classic event.

Tough test from start to finish. Weather conditions were getting warmer, with most athletes racing only in shirts. Again, the choice was between Zero and Klister skis. My choice was for Klister skis because the track has a lot of climbs, really demanding and I think without a good kick the race would be compromised. The champions today were Marco Dal Farra/ARG in the Men's, Cecilia Dominguez in the Women's and Franco Dal Farra's in the Junior.

Day 12/09 was the last day of races and everyone already quite tired of 4 events in 5 days. The Andino Club Bariloche worked hard and the conditions of the snow/track that were already quite deteriorated yesterday were excellent. Again we went up as every day with the lift at 8:30 and the competition started at 9:45.

The ski tests again showed that the Plus skis would be the best for the day, even the temperature being at -5°C at 8:40, but it was known to get very hot by 9:45. At 9:30 it was -3°C and after competition (around 30') was already warmer than -2°C.

Again, we had a beautiful day with lots of sun and a blue sky, with most athletes just wearing short sleeves. The champions of the day were Matias Zuloaga/ARG in the Men, Cecilia Dominguez/ARG in the Women, Catalina Gonzalez/ARG in the Women Junior and Franco Dal Farra/ARG in the Junior Men.

And so ends another South American Championship, Argentine and Brazilian Nordic Skiing Championships. Goals achieved and to close our winter season with a sweet taste, nothing better than a creamy ice cream made in Bariloche!

Best regards from South America and see you in the Boreal Season with more stories of an exotic Brazilian skier!

//Leandro Lutz