The Long Distance Ski Championship

"Long distance skiing with passion!"


Text by: Teemu Virtanen, Visma ski Classics expert commentator

Forever it shall be, but forever is a long time for these young German athletes with an average age of 23,3. What they lack in years, they duly compensate with youthful energy and passion. The team lost their front man Thomas Gifstad whose impressive breakaway in Marcialonga gave him his 15 minutes of fame. He transferred to Ski Team Skigo leaving the Forever gang without any international stars.

Right now, the number one spot seems to go to either Nils Weirich, who is the German Junior Champion in 50 km, or to Robin Frost, who had five top 50 places last season. Michael Kuisle is breathing down their neck with his three top 50 places while Erik Thomas showed some stamina and strength when he finished Vasaloppet China as the 13th fastest skier. Jessica Wirth is the team's female reinforcement (top 20 in four races), but she needs to up the ante if she wants be in the top 10 when the new season kicks off.

This team will not send shock waves through the VSC community in the upcoming season, but it is delightful to see a German team in the game. Let's hope that one of them will be brave enough to do "Gifstad" in one of the races.