The Long Distance Ski Championship

Marcialonga gets Event of Season VIII award!

The last winter two new awards were introduced in Visma Ski Classics "Event of the season" and "Pro Team Director of the season". Both awards are selected by votes by the athletes and staff from the 30 Pro Teams in the tour.  Italian Marcialonga earned the Event award, with 23,3% of the 421 votes, second came Swedish Vasaloppet with 16,9%, and third Norwegian Birken with 15,9%. The Pro Team director of the season awarded was won by german Sven Münch, Pro Team director of the German Team Forever Nordic. 

Marcialonga did go through a big change for the 2018 edition, redoing its brands visual id- the logo. A desire for minimalism and relevancy in our time started the process. Barbara Vanzo, responsible for web and social media communication at Marcialonga describes it as "straight lines with perfect angles, rigorous, solid, simple... but full of meaning". 

The Marcialonga 2018 edition was a great start for the new era of this traditional race.

"Thanks to the good weather conditions and to the engagement of the people who worked relentlessly on the course, we could guarantee the track for its 70k length. The snow together with the beauty of our territory have been the great background that made the Marcialonga 2018 even more beautiful. A good handful of other sportsmen also joined the event: the former champion road racing cyclist Paolo Bettini, the former rallycross driver Marcus Grönholm, Russian biathlete Anton Shipulin, Norwegian retired football player John ‘Thunderbolt’ Arne Riise, Mexican cross country skier German Madrazo, Norwegian legendary cross country skier Bjørn Dæhlie and the Paralympic and professional adventurer Aron Anderson."

Angelo Corradini- The President of Marcialonga were satisfied with the award:

“It was not something planned, we did not know anything, we expected a second or third place, and this makes the result even more satisfying and extraordinary. We are very proud to be part of Visma Ski Classics, it takes the international long-distance cross-country skiing competitions to the next level. We found great availability, collaboration and an incomparable professionalism. This award is to be shared with all those who have given us a hand, no one excluded, anyone who has cooperated should be thanked, a prize that must be shared but which commits us to do even better next year, it will not be easy but we try ".

Team Director of the season Sven Munch, Team Forever Nordic.

Event of the Season Marcialonga Angelo Corradini President and Gloria Trettel CEO.

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