The Long Distance Ski Championship

New registered skiers for Reistadløpet!

There are several interesting skiers registered for saturdays´Reistadløpet. Norwegian skier Niklas Dyrhaug joins Team Koteng and Swedish Daniel Richardsson has registered for Lager 157 Ski Team. Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes is also back in Team Santander after her injury earlier in January.  

The season did not turn out well for Vikhagen Gjeitnes as she has been through months of rehab training to recover from her crash in the Austrian event who took place in mid-january. The Norwegian is now back in the tour with her team for the last two events.

"We are really happy to have Kari back in our team for the last events. I was a bit unsure if she would manage to compete at all this season due to the broken ankle. She is eager to be on the starting line for Reistadløpet so we will see how it goes and then evaluate the next step after the race." Says Magnar Dalen, the Pro Team director of Team Santander.

Reistadløpet also attracts some of the best traditional skiers in the world. Both Niklas Dyrhaug and Daniel Richardsson from the Norwegian and Swedish national team respectively have signed up to try out their strengths on saturdays´ tough course profile. Dyrhaug will ski together with Team Koteng and Richardsson in Lager 157 Ski Team, meaning their collected points will be added in the Pro Team competition.

Reistadløpet takes place Saturday 7th of April.
Women start CET 08:46. Men start CET 09:00.
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