The Long Distance Ski Championship

New ski trophy in the Alps!

Visma Ski Classics continues to develop and introduces a new competition for the upcoming season VIII, the Visma Alp Trophy! 
Last season (VII) was the first including the Visma Nordic Trophy competition. It was implemented together with Ski Classics title partner Visma as an element to add more excitement in the last five events of the tour all taking place in the Nordic countries. The new addition Visma Alp Trophy will be awarded to the skiers performing in the four events; Kaiser Maximilian Lauf Seefeld Austria, La Diagonela St Moritz Switzerland, Marcialonga Trentino Italy and Toblach-Cortina Italy. These four tough events all take place in the Alps, but also four weekends in a row, making up a January madness. 

"The launch of Visma Alp Trophy is a natural step after the success with Visma Nordic Trophy last season. Our long distance tour is a tough one for the pro athletes and often injuries, sickness or just the form make consistency over a season difficult. With Visma Alp Trophy complementing Visma Nordic Trophy we breakdown the season in two, which we believe make it more interesting for fans, commentators and the athletes themselves! Stay tuned for more news coming up…" Says David Nilsson, CEO Ski Classics. 


Visma will hand out prize money to the winning male and female skier in each competition, after the final event Ylläs-Levi.