The Long Distance Ski Championship

The New World Record: 472,002km!

Today in Levi, Finland, new World Records for both male and female in 24 hour cross country skiing were set!

The 24 hour world record attempt started 12th of April at CET 0900 and finished on 13th of April at CET 0900. Finnish Hans Mäenpää from the Visma Ski Classics Pro Team Team Mäenpää set an outstanding new world record of 472km, 472,0002 to be exact! The previous official world record was at 433km, 
Also Finnish female skier Anni Angeria set a new female world record with 375,564km. 

The world record attempt was set up by previous world record holder Teemu Virtanen challenging Hans Mäenpää and Norwegian skier Daniel Strand. Teemu had to stop the race after about 7 hours and 140km , Daniel continued about 13 hours, but when the sun rised after 20 hours of skiing 4 hours left there were only one male skier left in the challenging, and with a great support from the big crowd showing up the last hour he could seal his fantastic triumph!