The Long Distance Ski Championship

News in Visma Ski Classics VIII!

There are several news in the Visma Ski Classics season VIII, which is getting closer. Some of the main differences are the new Climb Competition, new rules for Team Competition and the skier of the day award...

Text: Erik Wickström. Photo: Magnus Östh.

The most apparent different from the last to the upcoming season of Visma Ski Classics is the number of events - from thirteen to eleven.

Another update is that the Pro Team Tempo is back, after one year with an individual prologue. Just like last year, the opening race takes place in Pontresina, Switzerland, in the end of November.

There are also several news among the competitions within Visma Ski Classics!

Here are some of them and some not yet to be revealed...

  • Pro Team Competition

The Pro Team Competition is determined by adding the Champion points from the Pro Team's two best male athletes, the best fe­male athlete, the total sprint points, the total climb points and the total youth points in each event. The Pro Team with the most total points in each event will receive Pro Team points according to a distribution of 200, 170, 140, 120 etc down to 19 points for the 30th team.

This implies that a team only can get a total of 200 points in one single event, in contrast to previous seasons where a team could get well over 500 points.

  • Climb Competition

The squared patterned "lumberjack" climb bib is worn by the female and male skier with the most current climb points. There are 0, 1 or 2 climb checkpoints in each event. The five fastest female and ten fastest m­en split times at the climb checkpoint will get points. The overall winner is the athlete with most climb points after the season in each gender. "Lumberjack" bib holders are permitted to use a patterned race suit and hat within regulations.

  • Best Event and Team Director of the Year

In the end of each season the Pro Team athletes and staff will vote to select the best Event of the year and the Pro Team Director of the year.

  • Skier of the Day Award

After each event the Ski Classics Race Director together with fans will award the skier of the day. The award is handed out if a female or male skier has significantly tried to set pace in the race.

  • Pro Team Tempo

Each Pro Team (minimum three athletes per Pro Team) calculates third best male time, times three, into a total male time. All Pro Team female athletes start in a pursuit calculated on the total male time. If there is more than one female athlete in a Pro Team they start together at the same start time. First female athlete to finish the pursuit decides the result of the Pro Team Tempo.

If the Pro Team doesn't have three male athletes on the start line, the Pro Team female skiers will start 30 seconds after last female in the pursuit. If no female is starting in the pursuit the pro team will be placed after the last female skiers finishing the pursuit according to the male Pro Team time.

All Pro Team athletes starting and finishing within 20 percent of the winning time in the Pro Team Tempo will get 50 individual bonus points in the Champion bib competition.

  • Points for Champion Competition

This season 60 athletes will get points in the Champion Competition instead of 50. The range is 200, 170, 150, 130, 120, 105...3, 2, 1 points. This applies to both women and men.

  • Points for Sprint Competition

This season five female athletes will get points in the Sprint Competition instead of three. The range is 30, 24, 17, 9, 4 points. Among the men ten athletes will get points instead of seven. The range is 50, 39, 31,7, 4, 1 points.

An exciting season lays ahead of us! Keep posted for more news...