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Nygaard and Dahlqvist, winners of Alliansloppet

No one could get away from the field at Alliansloppet, the biggest rollerski race in the world - which took place on Saturday august 26th. It all ended up in a big sprint, both among the women and the men. In the videolink below, Andreas Nygaard tells us about the race.

Text by: Erik Wickström

Even though the races wintertime are more important for the professional long distance skiers, rollerski results give a hint about who is in shape and who is not. The four most prestigious rollerski events among Visma Ski Classics Pro Athletes are; Blink Classics and Olaf Skoglunds Minneløp in Norway, Alliansloppet in Sweden and Fiemme Rollerski Cup in Italy. These four races form Guide World Classic Tour.

Since 2007

Alliansloppet is the biggest rollerski event in the world and the first race was held in Trollhättan, Sweden, in 2007. Sandra Hansson – who has five victories in the race – together with Mathias Fredriksson, won the first edition. At that time, the distance was 56 km and the course passed through the neighbouring town of Vänersborg. Now the race is three laps on a 16 km loop.

The event has always been held in classic style. Since 2012, you are not aloud to use the fastest racing wheels and instead you are required to use the somewhat slower “number two wheels”. To ensure a fair race, the best-seeded skiers all use similar rollerskis provided by the organizers.  

High competition

Many of the best Visma Ski Classics Pro Teams participates in Alliansloppet, together with world cup athletes and amateur skiers. This year about 1500 rollerskiers participated in the either 16, 32 or 48 km distance. Electric cars were out with spare poles.

The week of Alliansloppet also includes running events etc and gathers over 10 000 participants in total.

Smutna third

This year’s edition ended up in a tight sprint both for women and men. The women started 15 minutes prior to the men and were caught up on the last lap. Maja Dahlqvist from the Swedish National Team won ahead of teammate Maria Nordström. Katerina Smutna, second in Visma Ski Classics overall last season, was 5 seconds behind in third place.

Eight athletes finished within 12 seconds from the winner-time. Visma Ski Classics season VII champion Britta Johansson Norgren was 7th.

In the men’s race there was a huge group approaching the finish line together. Visma Ski Classics Sprint competition winner Andreas Nygaard from Team Santander won a tight sprint ahead of Thorgeir Thygesen and Karl-Johan Westberg.

24 athletes were within 6 seconds. Petter Northug (NOR) won all three intermediate sprints, but could not fight for the victory due to a broken pole the last kilometre.

Below you can see a short interview with Andreas Nygaard where he talks about Alliansloppet and rollerski races in general.

Results Alliansloppet 2017

Women 48 K classic

1) Maja Dahlqvist, SWE, Falun-Borlänge SK, 1:59:40
​2) Maria Nordström, SWE, Ulricehamns IF, 1:59:45
​3) Katerina Smutna, CZE, Team Pioneer Investments, 1:59:45
​4) Maria Gräfnings, SWE, Team Robinson Trainer, 1:59:49
​5) Laila Kveli, NOR, Team Tynell, 1:59:51
​6) Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes, NOR, Team Santander, 1:59:51
​7) Britta Johansson Norgren, SWE, Lager 157 Ski Team, 1:59:51
​8) Lotta Udnes Weng, NOR, 1:59:53
​9) Sandra Olsson, SWE, Malungs IF, 2:00:26
​10) Frida Erkers, SWE, IFK Mora SK, 2:00:56

Men 48 K classic

1) Andreas Nygaard, NOR, Team Santander, 1:41:36
2) Torgeir Skare Thygesen, NOR, 1:41:36
​3) Karl-Johan Westberg, SWE, Borås SK, 1:41:36
​4) Morten Eide Pedersen, NOR, Team BN Bank, 1:41:37
​5) Alexander Ek, NOR, 1:41:37
​6) Vinjar Skogholm, NOR, 1:41:37
​7) Thomas Gifstad, Team Forever Nordic, 1:41:37
​7) Ilya Chernousov, RUS, Team Pioneer Investments, 1:41:37
​9) Anders Aukland, NOR, Team Santander, 1:41:37
​10) Simon Andersson, SWE, 1:41:37

All results from Alliansloppet 2017 are to be found here:

Overall standings Guide World Classic Tour after 3 out of 4 events


1) Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes, NOR, Team Santander, 435 points
​2) Astrid Øyre Slind, NOR, Team United Bakeries, 370 point
​3) Maria Gräfnings, SWE, Team Robinson Trainer, 350 points


1) Morten Eide Pedersen, NOR, Team BN Bank, 361 points
​2) Andreas Nygaard, NOR, Team Santander, 346 points
​3) Anders Aukland, NOR, Team Santander, 275 points

All standings in Guide World Classic Tour are to be found here:

Andreas Nygaard: