The Long Distance Ski Championship


TEAM TYNELL (Ranking 9)

...we fight as a tight family to achieve the perfect performance! -Daniel Tynell, Team Director

Written by: Teemu Virtanen, Visma Ski Classics expert commentator

From two to many! This team started out as a vehicle for the Tynell brothers to race competitively in the demanding Visma Ski Classics tour. Daniel, of course, was a national long distance hero in his homeland Sweden with his three Vasaloppet wins while Rikard amazed everyone by winning the first La Diagonela in 2014. The former had to retire from the field due to his heart problems and is now running the team. The latter kept going and is still an integral part of this Swedish Pro Team.

Not only Swedish as there is a Norwegian skier in the ranks as well; the two-time Vasaloppet winner Laila Kveli. Her other half Jerry Ahrlin, three-time Marcialonga winner, joined the team a year ago offering much needed experience and clout when Daniel had to bow out.

All these three skiers represent the "old guard" with their past merits and vast experience. Last season was challenging for all of them as Rikard's two 13th places (La Diagonela & Toblach/Cortina), Jerry's 14th place in Toblach/Cortina and Laila's 6th place in Vasaloppet turned out to be the best results from these seasoned skiers.

But perhaps, the new face in the club, Jens Eriksson, can juice things up a bit. He changed from one brotherly team (Team Santander) to another, and this Swede and Vasaloppet seem to go together since his best results came from Vasaloppet China (2nd) and the main race in Sweden (8th). If he can get more podium places, Laila can find her mojo again and Rikard and Jerry can support them well, this team will climb the Visma Ski Classics ladder.

There is more to this team than these legends. A young contender and an old hand embellish the troupe making Team Tynell a full-blown team. Martin Johansson, 19, still has a long way to the top (668th in Vasaloppet last year), but he has years to do it while Fredrik Sätter,45, may have seen his golden days but remains a solid elite skier in Vasaloppet (top 150).