The Long Distance Ski Championship


50 km, is one of the new additions to the tour offering perhaps the most
challenging course of all thirteen races. Reistadløpet CEO Alexander Os thinks
that even the strongest double-polers will have a challange when pushing up the
long hill to the mountain top.

The yellow bib holder Tord Asle Gjerdalen
of Team Santander is one of the favorites to win tomorrow, while his teammate
and Årefjällsloppet’s winner Anders Aukland has a great chance to repeat last
weekends success. This almost 45-year-old veteran knows how to do well on
difficult courses and conditions. The two Santander teammates are also sharing
the first place in the Visma Nordic Trophy competition- combining the last five
events of the season VII tour.

In the overall standings of Visma Ski
Classics, no one can really beat Gjerdalen this season, but the fight behind
him remains extremely exciting. Nygaard, Eliassen, Morten Eide Pedersen of Team
BN Bank and Stian Hoelgaard of Team Leaseplan has a tight fight and anyone of
these athletes could win tomorrow´s race.

It is also safe to say that Britta Johansson
Norgren will be impossible to beat in the overall Hertz champion competition,
but the fight continues between Katerina Smutná of Team Santander, Astrid Øyre
Slind of Team United Bakeries and Sara Lindborg of Team Serneke. Johansson
Norgren leads the Visma Nordic Trophy competition as well but the
aforementioned women and Justyna Kowalczyk of Team Santander are fighting
behind her.

In the women’s youth competition, Evelina
Bångman of Team Ski Pro Am and Svenja Hoelzle of Team Synfjell are both aiming for
the first spot, Bångman in the lead by 56 points. In the men´s category Oskar
Kardin of Team Serneke and Oscar Persson of Lager 157 Ski Team have their eye
on the second best place after Stian Hoelgaard, who is safe to take home the
Youth competition after a great season.

Andreas Nygaard remains unbeaten in the
Sprint Competition, behind him Morten Eide Pedersen, Jens Eriksson of Team
Santander and Petter Eliassen are fighting for the sprint points and even
Anders Høst of Team Leaseplan and Markus Ottosson of Lager 157 Ski Team are not
too far behind. Astrid Øyre Slind and Katerina Smutná are close to each other
in the women’s sprint competition behind Johansson Norgren. There are two
sprints in Reistadlöpet and three in Ylläs-Levi, the finale, which means that
there are still a lot of points to collect.

Team Santander leads the team competition
while Lager 157 Ski Team and Team United Bakeries have a fight of their own for
second and thirs place.

Reistadløpet will be a tough challenge for
all elite skiers and like in Årefjällsloppet some herring boning will be seen
in this race as well. Alexander Os, CEO of Reistadløpet says that their course
is even tougher than the one in Birkebeinerrennet.

“We have more vertical climb than in
Birkebeinerrennet and our hills are steeper. It will be interesting to see
whether the winner of the race will be a double-poler or someone using kick
wax. My favorites to win are Lucas Bauer and Justyna Kowalczyk as they both are
very strong diagonal skiers. Johan Olsson has registered for the race and if he
shows up, he can be the one to win. Of course, the usual suspects are hard to
beat here as well and Tord Asle Gjerdalen and Petter Eliassen will be high up
in the result list.”

“Our race is very different from any other
Visma Ski Classics event,” Alexander director continues. “We are above the
Arctic Circle and the nature here is absolutely stunning. This is our first
year in Visma Ski Classics and we hope that our race will become a permanent
member of the tour for years to come. Visma Ski Classics gives us an
opportunity to show our region and the northern winter to the world. I think we
will break our participant record this year and that is a good sign for the


Date: Saturday,
April 1th 2017

Distance: 50km
Classic Technique

Location: Setermoen
Bardufoss Norway

Times: Women
CET 08.45,
CET 09.00


# of participants: 1200