The Long Distance Ski Championship



Event:  Engadin Skimarathon
Visma Ski Classics season IX, event 9.
Date: 10th of March 2019
Distance: 42m
Location: Maloja- S´chanf Switzerland

The long distance ski championship, Visma Ski Classics, has signed an agreement with the world´s second largest winter sport participation event, Engadin Skimarathon. The event had over 14000 recreational skiers on the start line last year, the race is held in free technique.

"Season IX will for the first time include Engadin Skimarathon, it is also the first time the tour includes an event in free technique! This open up a new segment for us, and we are proud to have the most prestigious free technique event in the world, Engadin Skimarathon, inside the Visma Ski Classics tour. The race is also the world´s second largest race overall. The 2018 edition sold out its over 14000 start bibs over a month prior the event.  It will be really thrilling coming to Engadin Skimarathon next winter, the fact is that after 8 events the competitions in the green, pink, lumberjack and yellow leading bibs are normally quite set, with a couple of persons still being left in the race to securing them, however with Engadin Skimarathon being in free technique it will open up for new winners in the tour, who will be the strongest, and which of the bib contenders can follow all the way to the finish? We will see...! " Says David Nilsson, CEO of Ski Classics

"We very intensely followed the development of Visma Ski Classics for the last few years. Thanks to the La Diagonela race, for which we lead the organising office/agency, we were always up to date regarding the upcoming intentions of the Visma Ski Classics. We were wondering why there is no free technique race in the series, and further, we realised that taking part could be very interesting for the Engadin Skimarathon. Progress such as this is important for the event, we want to get ahead. We’re aiming at becoming known among all the cross-country skiers in Europe, but still want to retain our characteristics.
We are pleased to be the first free technique race joining the Visma Ski Classics. From our point of view this cooperation creates a win-win-situation: On one hand Engadin Skimarathon benefits from the international TV broadcasting and therefore from an increasing awareness of our race, also beyond the Swiss borders. On the other hand, the Visma Ski Classics now has a new partner, the traditional Engadin Skimarathon that now completes the list of the most famous cross-country races to be contained in the series. Due to the fact, that Engadin Skimarathon is a free technique race (classic technique & skating are allowed) the victory of Visma Ski Classics gets even more precious." Says Menduri Kasper, CEO of Engadin Skimarathon.

The course:
Starts in Maloja close to the Italian border and goes downhill through the Engadin valley. The 42km course is quite flat and will most probably open up for an exciting mass sprint finish, however strong winds as well as the high altitude may be a difficult factor for the skiers. There are two Visma Ski Classics sprints before finishing in S-chanf.
Last year’s top 3 in Engadin Ski Marathon (not part of Visma Ski Classics):
1. Furger Roman, Switzerland, Time: 1:34.05,2 
2. Collet Martin, France, Time: 1:34.06,3 
3. Schwartz Louis, France, Time: 1:34.06,4
1. Fähndrich Nadine, Switzerland, Time: 1:38.35,3 
2. Imoberdorf Rahel, 1986, Switzerland, Time: 1:39.56,0 
3. Holmes Chelsea, 1987, USA, Time: 1:41.27,3 

Stand by for Season IX Event 10 of 12 being releveled tomorrow at CET 0800!