The Long Distance Ski Championship

Sgambeda kick off the Climb Competition!

Sgambeda takes place on Saturday and is the first event including the new Climb Competition. In addition, the Visma Skier of the day will be handed out for the first time. 

The squared patterned “Lumberjack” Climb bib is the new addition to the Champion, Sprint and Youth bib competitions in Visma Ski Classics. The Climb bib is worn by the current male and female with the most current Climb points. There are 0-2 Climb checkpoints in the events. The ten fastest male and five fastest women split times at the climb checkpoint lines will get points. At Marcialonga, the Climb points will be handed out according to the fastest times in the final uphill, the Cascata. The overall winner is the athlete with most Climb points after the season in each gender. “Lumberjack” bib holders are permitted to use a patterned race suit and hat. Awards will be handed out at the Visma Ski Classics Final Gala.

There is 1 climb check point in Sgambeda at 20 km. Which Athlete to wear the Lumberjack Patterned climb bib during Sgambeda to be decided by Visma Ski Classics Race Director. The Decision will be made upon historical success in large climbs.

Visma Ski of the day award

The award is also new for season VIII, having its' premiere in Sgambeda. It is given to a male or female skier that has significantly tried to set pace in the race. Awards will be handed out at the flower ceremony. A total of 10 awards to be handed out during the season. 

Sgambeda facts:
 Dec. 2nd, 2017
Starting times: Women CET 9.25, Men CET 10.00.
Active years: 28 editions (from 1990)
Record number of participants: 1329
Distance: 35km
Number of VSC sprints/climbing points: 1 sprint at 8 km, 1 climb at 20 km
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