The Long Distance Ski Championship

SKIGO XC TEAM (ranking 28)


This is a brand new Norwegian team with no
conspicuous history in Visma Ski Classics, hence the last place in the ranking
list. However, the team members are hell-bent on making a name for themselves
when the tour kicks off in Switzerland. Speaking of the country, this team
signed a Swiss long distance superstar whose credentials dazzle us all; 15 wins
and three Champion titles in the history of Visma Ski Classics. As you might
have guessed, we are talking about Seraina Boner. She will certainly lead the
team to greater kudos.

Then, the best male candidate for getting
attention is Thomas Gifstad who didn’t want to ski forever in Germany but felt
the need to return to his homeland. This Norwegian, whose breakaway in
Marcialonga made headlines, albeit quite briefly, is a gifted skier who is
capable of being in the top 20 when everything works in his favor (24th
in Vasaloppet).

The team has a youthful vigor with a hint
of an old-school elegance as four of the skiers are at their twenties while
three were born in the glory days of the 80s and two in the flower-power era of
the 60s. Besides Boner and Gifstad, these skiers are no regular top 50 faces as
Erlend Widerø Hennig’s 48th place in Vasaloppet the best result, but
together they can perform miracles.

And I trust that the breakaway king Gifstad
can show his teammates how to be in the spotlight. And if the team can rub off
on Boner’s prowess, they will truly make us talk about their team in our
commentating boxes come the Season Number 8.