The Long Distance Ski Championship

Standings and ranking update!

With only three out of thirteen events to go, it’s getting exciting looking at the different standings within Visma Ski Classics competitions.
The closest battle for a jersey is among for the women’s pink bib. Svenja Hoelzle (Switzerland) from Team Synnfjell is only six points ahead of Evelina Bångman (Sweden) from Team SkiProAm.
Still an open game
Looking at the champion competition (yellow bib) presented by Hertz, both Britta Johansson Norgren and Tord Asle Gjerdalen are sitting on a solid first place, 300 and 384 points ahead of second place, respectively. Behind them there are several skiers aspiring for the podium. Especially in the men’s category, where Andreas Nygaard (Team Santander), Morten Eide Pedersen (Team BN Bank), Stian Hoelgaard (Team LeasePlan) and Petter Eliassen (Team LeasePlan) only differs 72 points.
Even though Britta and Tord are ahead at the moment, there are still lots of points to be handed out. A lot more dramatic changes have happened before.
Advantages with the ranking system
The Visma Ski Classics ranking is based on the last 24 month’s races. Here are some implications of the ranking system:

  • Your start position in Visma Ski Classics events 
  • Top 20 men and top 5 women in the Visma Ski Classics ranking list are mandatory to wear GPS devices.
  • Top 10 men and top 10 women are considered as the Visma Ski Classics VIP. Those athletes will receive EUR 195 + VAT per athlete and event if they fulfil their responsibilities during the event.
  • The ranking determine the starting time during the prologue. 
  • An athlete that has missed a season due to for example injury could still have a decent ranking.

Since the ranking system is based upon the last two year’s result, there are differences compare to the yellow bib competition.
Britta and Tord in the top
Looking at the current ranking, we could for example see that Seraina Boner is still in fourth place, despite a lot less racing this season. In the top, Britta Johansson Norgen is ahead of Katerina Smutna. After that powerful couple there is a jump down to Sara Lindborg in third place.
In the men’s category Tord Asle Gjerdalen recently passed Petter Eliassen and is now ranked as the number one long distance cross-country skier. John Kristian Dahl is in third place, just ahead of Morten Eide Pedersen.

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