The Long Distance Ski Championship

Sundby in Birken for Team United Bakeries!

The Norwegian based current third ranked Pro Team Team United Bakeries signs the world cup overall winner Martin Johnsrud Sundby and Eirik Brandsdal in front of this upcoming weekend Visma Ski Classics Event - Birken! 

"Martin prioritizes his family after a long season with lots of travelling, and hence he is not following the norwegian national team to Canada. Instead, if he is sound and healthy on Saturday, he really look forward battling against the top long distance skiers in Birken. And he is really eager for his revenge on Petter Eliassen for their legendary fight in Birken 2015 where Martin finished second." says Team United Bakeries Team Director Bernhard Rönning.

"With Martin Johnsrud Sunday on the start line in Birken that, due to its topography, fits word cup quality athletes quite well, we can look forward to another epic battle! I am sure Martin wants to show his strength against the tough long distance skiers, and they want to show him that long distance skiing is a sport for tough gentlemen.... now we can't wait until Sunday!" says David Nilsson CEO Visma SkI Classics

Birken starts CET 0730 on Saturday March 18th!

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