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Team ES Endurance comes from Eric Storvall Endurance Ab, a company owned by the Pro Team Director and Pro Team athlete skier Eric Storvall. Eric Storvall Endurance Ab provides wellness services, coaching and training programs for endurance athletes in Finland, Sweden and around the world.

Team ES Endurance is a new team from Finland. The team is based in Finland but also include one skier from Sweden. All skiers have previously been focusing on other disciplines than classical long-distance skiing such as normal distance, sprint and biathlon. Both on national, international and World Cup level. Now we are all motivated to undertake the challenge of long-distance skiing and double poling.

One goal of the team is to grow the interest in marathon skiing, especially in Finland. We want to inspire all people in all ages and with different backgrounds.

- Give 5-7 skiers outside the National Team an opportunity to reach their athletic dreams.
- Increase the popularity of marathon skiing, especially in Finland.
- Promote a healthy and active lifestyle.
- Help the partners to increase the awareness and value of their brands.

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Eric Storvall

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