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The team you now know as Team Coop originally started out as Team Skinstad, where the brothers Mårten and Petter Soleng Skinstad worked together to reach their goals and inspire others along the way. Based in Lillehammer and with a family cabin along the Birkebeiner track in Sjusjøen, the brothers have grown up skiing in and outside of Norway. While the youngest brother Mårten is relatively new to long distance skiing, his older brother Petter has already travelled around the world with his ski bag. Now the brothers have joined forces with Coop, who have been involved in sports and cross country skiing a long time. Supported by Coop and other sponsors, and together with some of their best friends, the brothers are now looking forward to being a part of Visma Ski Classics for a second season.

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Petter Soleng Skinstad

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