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Team Nordic Athlete was planned and founded in the spring of 2020. The new long-distance skiteam is a further development of Team Mäenpää and the name was renewed through a new main sponsor - Nordic Athlete ecom AB.

The purpose of the team is to create a secure and long-term platform with Nordic cooperation in endurance sports. Through the cooperation, we can learn a lot from each other across borders. In practice, this means that the athletes will always consist of Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian skiers.

Team Nordic Athlete is run and coordinated by the Team Director Kim Mäenpää, Service manager Mats Mäenpää and Sports chief Espen Traeldal. Both Kim and Mats previously have five years of experience of the long-distance circus. Our professional skier Morten Eide Pedersen is appointed to Team Captain.

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Kim Mäenpää

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