Arctic Circle Race

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Friday, March 26 2021 Women CET: 14:00 men CET: 14:00


March 26 2021


Classic Technique



Start times

Women CET: 14:00
Men CET: 14:00

About Arctic Circle Race

Arctic Circle Race is known as one of the world's toughest ski races.

The three-day ski race takes place through the magnificent, varied, and sometimes harsh countryside in Greenland north of the Polar Circle. Here the participants have to ski 160 km in three days in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Celsius. At night the participants sleep in small tents in the amazing nature under the Northern Lights. When they reach the camp each day they have to cook for themselves and dry their clothes for the next day - but they also get a free massage every day. During the ski race the participants will experience traditional Greenlandic dance and music. They will get to taste Greenlandic specialties as for example whale, mush ox, and scrimps. Furthermore, they will get to see traditional Greenlandic clothes and of course they have a chance to try both dogsledding and snowmobiling.

It is possible to join a light version of Arctic Circle Race which means that the participants only have to ski a 100 km route.

Arctic Circle Race has already had participants between the age of 16 to 81, both participants who are professional skiers and participants who never tried cross-country skiing before.

An adventure beyond your imagination.