Åsarna Ski Marathon

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Saturday, February 13 2021 Women CET: 11:00 men CET: 11:00


February 13 2021


Classic Technique



Start times

Women CET: 11:00
Men CET: 11:00

About Åsarna Ski Marathon

Åsarna Ski Marathon takes place for the 13th time in 2021 and now becomes a Ski Classics Challengers event. The tracks of Åsarna Ski Marathon are presented in one whole loop leading through true Swedish wilderness. Throughout the course there are 4 possibilities to provide athletes with drinks. Start is near Åsarna old Church and the finish is a little bit further South at Åsarna ski stadium. The town Åsarna is located 70km south of Östersund. 

Legendary Thomas Wassberg, former Swedish cross-country skier, is chief of course which guarantees well-prepared and groomed tracks.

Very welcome to visit a small village with a big ski history!